World Children’s Day

World Children’s Month is the biggest fundraising event for RMHC South Africa and Helping Hands are a symbol of how RMHC South Africa programs are able to continue to provide much needed services and programs for families with children going through a serious illness. It really is through the help of individuals who extend their hand, either through donations or volunteer work, that has made RMHC what is it today.

Make moments of togetherness possible!
Purchase a 🖐 Helping Hand 🖐 for only R10 next time you’re in a McDonald’s restaurant in support of International Children’s Day.

Donations can also be made by clicking here

Red Shoe Gala

Our annual event that brings our community together to share the mission and vision of RMHC South Africa and raise critical funds to continue providing care and comfort to families when they need it most. Held at the Sandton Convention Centre.