Tanya’s whole world crushed

Tanya’s whole world crushed

My son was born with Hydrocephalus

Luyolo was on a ventilator for almost three months

I am Tanya. This my story…

On 13 September 2014 I gave birth to a baby boy at Chris Hani Hospital. I was in pain before I gave birth but, when I saw my son, I was thrilled, not knowing that he wasn’t well. The nurse took him to the NICU ward, after an hour the doctor informed us of his condition. I was shocked and confused since this was my first baby. The nurses took me to another room where I managed to relax and rest.

The next day, the doctor informed my parents and I, that my child had Hydrocephalus. On 19th September 2014 he had an operation to drain the fluids in his brain. I was still in shock, my mother was there to support and comfort me. After the operation the doctor informed me that the operation went well and that they’re going to take him to NICU until his condition improves, I was happy and relieved that I will finally take my son home. After a few days his condition did not improve and the doctor told us that they are going to operate on him again.

While I was waiting for my son to be operated on, I was stressed and I kept on visiting him every day. One day when I was in the NICU ward one nurse told me about the RMHC family room. When I went to the family rooms for the first time, I was still shocked and emotional, the staff was friendly and welcoming. I will never forget Buli’s support and generosity and she encouraged us not to give up and just pray. The Family rooms eased my pain and stress, I felt loved and supported. The Family rooms served us breakfast and lunch. It is also a nice place to ‘’chill’’ and interact with staff and families. We also celebrated holidays. RMHC staff were very approachable, supportive and helpful. While I was waiting for my son to undergo surgery, his condition deteriorated after he got an infection. I was stressed and emotional because I was hoping that his condition was going to improve, I found myself isolated from the rest of the mothers until I was referred to a social worker. I was in pain because I was praying day and night for my son’s condition to improve one day and take him home.

After a month, the doctor performed a second surgery, after the surgery, the nurses informed us that everything went well and they might discharge him after 2 or 3 weeks. I was happy and relieved that he was out of danger.

On 17th of December 2014 he was discharged and I was ecstatic because finally, he was going home for the first time. My excitement was short lived, on the 1st of January 2015, he was admitted back at hospital in high care unit and the neurosurgeon informed us that he needs surgery because his health was deteriorating faster.

He was scheduled for an operation but on the day of the operation, he was worse. The next day when I was going to visit him in the hospital I got a call to inform me of the sad news that he was no more and my whole world was crushed. I got to the hospital inconsolable, I asked to see him. I was allowed to see and hold him before they took him away.
After his passing, I was not coping, I joined a family support group at Bara. One day, I decided to visit the family rooms, the staff welcomed me and they asked how I was feeling. I asked If I could volunteer.
I started volunteering at the Family rooms and I would like to thank RMHC for giving me the opportunity. I have learnt a lot and I’m happy to be part of RMHC, may you continue to support families. You touched my life, please continue to do so.